Daryl Wright has over 15 years of experience in top leadership positions as a Senior Director and Vice President at YouthBuild USA, as Board President at Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation, and now as Chief Strategy Officer at the Emerald Cities Collaborative, “a national nonprofit network of
organizations working together to advance a sustainable environment while creating sustainable, just and inclusive economies with opportunities for all.” Daryl is also a committee chair at Browning the Green Space. Daryl has extensive experience building and sustaining collaborations focused on successful
outcomes for individuals living in low-income communities. He also has expertise in community, workforce, and youth development. Daryl has worked with the community-based organizations, unions, business associations and employers developing innovative programs and taking them to scale. He is the author of 50+ publications and is on the faculty of Springfield College and the Building Trades Academy at Michigan State University. He is also Principle Consultant at Proprentice Knight, which consults on community engagement, workforce and supplier development in high demand sectors. Daryl has a master’s degree in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning from Tufts University. He is a serious practitioner of the Japanese martial arts with a 3rd degree black belt in Japanese Ju Jit Su and he is studying Aikido.

Current Term: January 2022 – January 2026