Chelsea Sprague is the Deputy Director, Finance and Operations at Acadia Center and is based out of the Rockport, Maine office. She ensures the smooth running of the office by coordinating and managing various administrative tasks. This includes overseeing office operations, working with financial partners to maintain bookkeeping and annual audits, managing payroll and benefits, managing vendor partner relationships, organizing hiring processes and onboarding new staff, and providing other operational support.

Chelsea has 15 years of prior experience in corporate sales, promotions, planning, budget, and financial management. She most recently held positions with financial management institutions where she was responsible for various organizational tasks, from onboarding and training new staff and managing financial accounts to organizing events and calendars. Previously, she managed state sales and growth for Lagunitas Brewing Company, one of the nation’s leading craft breweries. She is obtaining a certificate in business management and attended colleges in Illinois and California.